At Ayrshire Equitation Centre we understand the importance of having your horse at livery in a place where you can be sure they will receive the best possible care in the most comfortable environment. With onsite 24/7 supervision offering complete piece of mind that your horse is always in safe hands.

We Strive to give every horse in our care the individual attention and care they require; with over 60 years’ experience we are very well experienced in looking after a variety of horses and tailoring care plans to fit each individual horse’s needs. Our centre runs with the aim of providing the best facilities and environment for you and your horse to flourish.

What makes us different?

Our Stables

Boxes are in an American style barn design, with sliding doors and optional full bar close grills. We have both window boxes and inside boxes available, all featuring automatic water drinkers and large easy fill hay racks. A central passage makes all your work easy to manage and ensures that most yard work can be carried out inside. The yard is always kept neat and tidy, ensuring a clean and pleasing environment for you and your horse to enjoy.


Standard Livery benefits from sugar beet and mix being provided and available if you so wish, additional supplements and feeds will be made up where provided and will be stored in the main feed room.

All liveries at the centre are provided with hay or haylage, depending upon their choice and availability. All our hay an haylage is grown and made by us; this ensures it is of the highest quality and is to a consistent standard. `The haylage is checked regularly for its quality and nutritional value making it unrivalled in Ayrshire.


All horses are bedded on a mixture of wood fines and shavings as standard, we find this bedding provides the horses with the most comfort. We provide a full starter bed and then will be replenished when required.


We offer all year turnout, in the summer the 74 acres of ground become available for grazing, this ground is regularly tested to ensure the nutrition levels in the soil provide the best nutrition for your horse, in addition all our fields go through a strict maintenance  regime to ensure they are kept in top condition, in the winter, when the ground conditions make field turnout untenable, we use our purpose-built turnout pen. We aim to turnout in social groups to ensure your horse settles in as quickly as possible, however we tailor this to your horse’s needs.


Our main farrier is Andrew Ireland, he visits the yard on a weekly basis. Liveries can request to be added to shoeing lists and can leave payment for Andrew. Specialist shoeing requirements can be catered for. If you have your own farrier, they can continue to visit the centre, however you would be required to make these arrangements independently.


We automatically include all livery clients on our yard-worming program to ensure the upmost well being of your horse. Worming costs will be added to monthly bills dependant on the wormer used at certain times of the year.


We offer a professional clipping service to all liveries for an additional cost, clips are tailored to each horses and owners preferences, we have an experienced team ensure this process is as relaxing for your horse as possible

Standard Livery

Our Standard Livery is our most popular option, this provides your horse with everything it could need, haylage, bedding and mucking out will be administered with the yard timings, also included is the turnout and bringing in of your horse and checks of your horses wellbeing are regularly carried out.

Schooling Livery

Schooling Livery includes the same features as provision of Stabling however the horse will be schooled, or private tuition given as necessary but typically between 3 – 5 times per week.

Production Livery

If you are interested in either showing or dressage we offer production livery where we will provide additional care, full grooming and maintenance to keep your horse in show ready condition, we are also available to come to assist on show days for an additional fee.

Breaking Livery

At Ayr Equestrian we have a wealth of experience and are able to offer tailored and bespoke breaking services to ensure your young horse gets the best possible start in its ridden life, we pride ourselves on the quality of the breaking making sure all the ground work is thoroughly covered, for more details please get in touch.