Prix Caprilli Competition

During November we are proud to be hosting our very own Prix Caprilli competition! Throughout the month we’ll be hosting four classes leading up to our final test.

A Prix Caprilli is just like a dressage test – but with some jumps added in to it! Our classes will be split in to rider ability, so the competition is open to all ages and levels. The number and height of jumps in the test will vary depending on ability. Riders score points based on their riding skills, on the horse’s way of going, and the horse’s gaits. Look for the smoothness and rhythm of a dressage test, with added jumps in the middle.

To take part in the final test, you must attend the four classes in the weeks leading up to it. Our proposed timetable is:
2nd/3rd November – Learning movements
9th/10th November – Going through the test
16th/17th November – Course of jumps using dressage moves
23rd/24th November – Practice test
30th November – Competition day

Each class costs £30 and your test at the end of the month will be free of charge. The Prix Caprilli is open to both horse owners and those who would like to use one of our riding school horses.

Entries should be handed in by 27th October. Click here to download a form.